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Do you think that Trump should debate Harris in September? According to his posts on Truth Social, it appears that he's trying to back ou...

As Joe is quitting
US military detects, intercepts Russian fighter jets, 2 Chinese H 6 bombers during Biden's address

the party of peace and nonviolence
https://notthebee.com/artic...himself in I guess he went high when the 80 year old went low, under his wheels

Better get them out NOW!
The leaders of government indoctrination centers (better known as Public Schools) These folks are unhinged, mentally unstable and cannot ...

A collapse of leadership
America is quickly becoming a ship without a captain. It's become clear that Dems created a set of circumstances whereby the SS would fai...

When he claimed: Process of Nominating Kamala Harris Will be 'Fair and Transparent' DNC chairman Jaime Harrison appeared on the Today sho...

RFKjr Will support Trump a key time
I think he will make a great Health and Human Services Secretary.

Remaking the Secret Service
This will be a huge task for whoever attempts it. The DEI driven management has saturated the workforce with unqualified employees. They ...

Rep. Andy Ogles Introduces Articles Of Impeachment Against Kamala Harris
Republican Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles introduced articles of impeachment Tuesday against Vice President Kamala Harris, citing high crimes ...

Democrats are determined to destroy Democracy
So now they use a few people at the top to nominate the ONLY candidate offered to their constituency . Sounds a lot UN Democratic to me

Hust think about all that money Trump spent to bash Bide
Republicans sure know how to waste money.

More transparency, Jack!
https://mxmnews.com/article...vegas trip Sources: Biden experienced medical emergency during Vegas trip I guess pedo petey thinks transpa...

For Democracy
'Donald Trump Will Destroy Democracy,' Says Party Nominating Candidate No One Voted For

Kamala may be Willie Horton’s Daughter
https://www.thebulwark.com/...ton kamala

Like it or not
Your NEXT PRESIDENT! Harris attacks Trump at energetic 1st presidential rally in Milwaukee (msn.com)

Can you say January 6th?
But of course this time the visitors are Democrats. LOL https://www.foxnews.com/pol...hu address

Hopefully the FBI doesn’t take his phone again
New York City Mayor Eric Adams said on Tuesday that his office had already had "indirect" conversations with Vice President Kam...

Why Harris will never win
Has nothing to do with who she slept with or her cackling and annoying laughter. These are some of her issues: She created a bail fund ...

Mega Nuts speak.
Jordan Klepper vs. Trumpers at First Post Felony Conviction Rally | The Daily Show YouTube

Me or America?
Sleepy Joe finally overcame his pride and listened to his family and advisors and withdrew his candidacy. Only two other presidents have ...


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