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what's for breakfast?

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 1:20 pm, 08/22/2017

My wife makes a blueberry, cream cheese cake that is to die for!!! I woke up at six o'clock thinking about that cake sitting in the middle of the table. Guess what?


Posted 12:27 pm, 08/22/2017

egg, tenderloin, biscuit and coffee


Posted 10:57 am, 08/21/2017

Yummy. Oh, to have a dozen donuts!

Shredded wheat cereal and coffee.


Posted 9:54 am, 08/20/2017

Donuts from the Amish store with a pot of French roast coffee


Posted 9:52 am, 08/20/2017

I usually have a banana on my way to church. It seems like I am eating a lot of bananas!


Posted 10:27 am, 08/19/2017

Bacon, egg, grits, bagel and coffee


Posted 12:32 pm, 08/18/2017

I have to, I used to have a relative's grandmother in Texas who had apricot trees in her backyard, she made the best preserves I ever ate. She is dead now,. I got a fresh supply each year when my niece visited, but I have to buy them now (one of my favorites--my second is orange marmalade. Oh, the memories!

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 10:20 am, 08/18/2017

Apricot preserves? Now don't tell me you have got a apricot tree, Surely your not eating that store bought stuff!


Posted 10:11 am, 08/18/2017

bagel, cream cheese, apricot preserves and coffee


Posted 12:49 pm, 08/17/2017

Honey and Toast


Posted 10:41 am, 08/17/2017

oatmeal and toast and coffee


Posted 9:59 am, 08/16/2017

I like those fast-food treats (because I seldom ever get them.)

Today, it is back to my favorite, oatmeal (doctored up with fruit and nuts) and coffee.

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 10:24 am, 08/15/2017

Still half asleep and my hair all in tangles,

I made my way down to our local Bojangles.

pretty good deal, knew it wouldn't be free

bought two ham biscuits for three thirty three.

Paid up in cash, ain't got no charge card

Biscuits were good but the ham was fried hard!


Posted 10:05 am, 08/15/2017

Honey and Biscut


Posted 10:04 am, 08/15/2017

Don't worry, O.D.D., we still have food to share.

Today. it is just toast, blueberry jam and coffee


Posted 10:55 am, 08/14/2017

Wait! I have some left. Stay with us. I would love to share. Also, Ms. O.D.D. will fill the cupboard soon. We will keep an eye on you later in the day.

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 10:27 am, 08/14/2017

Poor old dog ain't got nothing to eat.

No biscuits and gravy or a piece of ham meat.

went to the cupboard but the cupboard was bare

if I had waffles and sausage I'd be willing to share.

I guess that's all the Old Dog has to say.

I'll just hunker down and wither away!


Posted 9:57 am, 08/14/2017

Bacon, eggs, toast & coffee


Posted 9:29 am, 08/14/2017

Waffles, syrup and sausage, and coffee


Posted 12:32 pm, 08/13/2017

I forgot to eat breakfast and just had coffee before going to church.

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